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Saturday Morning Inspiration

June 19, 2012
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Kitchen Lesson - Knife Skills Part Two

June 19, 2012
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How to Cook Veggies

June 19, 2012
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OnSugar iOS App

August 29, 2012
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OnSugar iOS App

Does OnSugar have an iOS app?

Yes, OnSugar is thrilled to offer a free iOS app, which you can download here.

Do I need to have an account to use the app?

You do not need to have a previous OnSugar account to use the app, as you will be able to sign up for one through the app. You can log in using a previous account as well.

Can I create a new blog with the app?


Yes, you can easily create a blog right from your iPhone with the OnSugar app. To create a new blog, tap the Profile tab on the right corner of the home screen. This will open up your profile page and from there you can tap the Create New Site button. If you are a new OnSugar user, you will see a pop-up message upon your initial login that prompts you to create a blog. 

On the New Site screen you can add a blog title, photo, tagline, and URL. Once complete, tap Save to create your new blog.


What are the different tabs in the app?

There are five different tabs in the app. You can access them from the icons across the bottom of the app screen.

Tap the pink plus sign to create a new post for any of your OnSugar blogs.

Tap the newspaper to view your stream. This will show you all the latest posts from the blogs you follow.

Tap the star icon to discover other blogs similar to the sites you currently follow.

Tap the speech bubble to view any of your notifications.

Tap the Profile button to view your sites, the sites you follow, and posts you've liked, create a new blog, and even find and invite your friends to follow your OnSugar blog.

What kind of posts can I create with the app?

With the OnSugar app, you can create any type of post that you would from your Internet browser: picture, text, video, gallery, link, quote, or poll.

How do I select which blog to post to?

If you have more than one blog with OnSugar, you are able to post to all of them from the app. Once you've tapped the plus sign tab to create a new post, you will see all of your blogs listed across the top of the screen. Simply swipe your finger over the blog titles from left to right to move between blogs. When the blog you want to post to is centered on the top of the menu, select your post type from the list and create your post.

How do I comment on a post in the app?

To comment on a post, tap the Comment button under the post. Type your comment on the next screen and tap Send to post the comment.


Can I reblog from the app?

You can reblog from the OnSugar app with ease. Simply tap the Reblog button that is beneath the post that you would like to reblog, and on the next screen add your comments and select which of your blogs you'd like to post it to. When you're done, tap the Post button.

Can I "like" a post?

Yes, you can "like" a post by tapping the Like button under the post.

How do I find new sites to follow?

To discover new sites, tap the star tab. This tab will open the Discover page which will be a list of blogs that might appeal to you. You can tap on any of the blogs that interest you to view them. Follow them by tapping the pink Follow button at the top of the blog's home screen.


What are the in-app notifications?

You will receive notifications when other OnSugar members follow, "like," comment, or reblog your content.

Can I change my push notifications?

To change your push notifications, open your iPhone settings, tap Notifications and select OnSugar from your list of apps. You can make the changes from the next screen and they'll automatically save.

Can I stop including my location information?

Yes. To turn off your location information, open your iPhone settings, tap Location Services, then select Off.

Does the app work with private OnSugar blogs?

No, but stay tuned as this feature will be available soon!